Meet Dr. Shelley

How it all began:

After being told there was no hope for her own child diagnosed with severe autism, our Founder & Executive Director, Dr. Shelley developed an individualized intervention program that at its center focused on creating relationship with him, since emotional/social connection is the core issue of autism.

As he progressed, she also learned how to resolve the underlying causes of her child's severe autism. She made sure that everyone who joined her to follow his lead toward full recovery focused on their own hope-filled mindset as they collaborated.

Dr. Shelley searched out and attended professional trainings and received certifications across the wide range of research and clinical fields affecting Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASDs), bringing this new knowledge into her own child's recovery, specifically as aspects of each was appropriate for his unique autism profile.

Parents As Partners:

Since realizing the success of this individualized, developmentally appropriate program for her own child, Dr. Shelley has dedicated herself to helping other families who wanted to offer similar possibilities to meet the unique needs of their own children with ASDs.

For over 25 years, through her former worldwide consulting practice--Parents As Partners--Dr. Shelley brought autism education, collaboration, and support to parents, clinicians, educators, autism interventionists, educational facilitators, family members, and volunteers.

Most importantly, the learning from this practice is now being made available to you!


As the Founder of Parents As Partners: The Autism Education and Change Network™ Dr. Shelley earned her Doctoral degree in Educational Leadership for Change: ASD Optimal Outcomes.

She has contributed her clinical, research, group leadership, and multi-disciplinary experience to numerous Advisory Boards and continues to be at the forefront of changing what is believed about--and believed possible for--children with autism.

A Movement for Real Transformation:

Dr. Shelley is dedicated to changing the existing beliefs about what is possible for children with ASDs. Why?  Because she has seen for decades what happens when parents realize that they are their child's best experts!

With her vision and experience, she is committed to leading this movement for change--to placing what has been changing the lives of parents and their children with ASDs into your hands--through Parents As Partners: The Autism Education and Change Network.™

By sharing this web-based parent education platform, thousands of families worldwide can access her expertise on what truly can become their journey of hope--a journey that will be as individual as each child and family--and that will lead to bright futures for your child with an ASD--and for you!

You are the Key to this Change Movement--for Your Child:

We are excited that you have made the choice to join our learning community!! You've become part of this movement--you are the change---for your child and children with ASDs worldwide!!


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