What Does Parents As Partners Offer?

What is Parents As Partners?

We are a free online, research and clinically-based educational network. We have been providing parents with understandable developmentally and relationship-based ASD education and ways to create systems of support over the last 25 years. Our Program has been demonstrated through research evaluation to be user-friendly and easily usable by all families. Now, our goal is to offer this same foundational education that has helped so many families and their children to you-free access, 24/7.

Why does Parents As Partners offer you free access?

Why do we want you to be able to access all of this information free? Because Dr. Shelley has seen that throwing lots of your money at experts to "fix" your child is not the answer! Your love, your hopes, your beliefs about what is possible for your child--and for you--supported by understandable education is what has empowered parents to resolve the underlying causes of their children's ASDs and to create opportunities for them move their development toward bright futures!

Do you believe that this type of help must be expensive to be useful to you and your child? Do you feel that you must have a great deal of money before you can help your child? Well, if you want to feel that the education we are offering you must come at some price--please support our mission of hope and real answers by making a donation!

How does Parents As Partners want to help you?

Dr. Shelley wants to ensure that any parent who wants to can know there is hope! She wants to inspire you by knowing what families have learned that led to the bright futures their children are living today.

We want to help you to become your child's best expert! Research shows that highly involved parents make a significant impact on the outcome of their child's ASD journey. No higher education or waiting lists required!

What will Parents As Partners Modules and Classes empower you to do?

Our eight Modules, made up of 45-multimedia Classes are a complete foundational course! You will be able to put your learning into action as you complete every Class in the order that they are presented. You will learn to recognize the many aspects of your child's unique ASD profile. As educated parents--and the people who are so important in the life of your special child--you will:

  • Understand how to become a comfortable, highly involved parent
  • Realize the numerous underlying causes for your child's ASD
  • Know how you can begin to help your child in every moment and to create a system of support that works for you
  • Recognize the specific professional partnerships that can be most helpful and collaborative, if necessary for your child
  • Become an educated consumer and advocate for your child who knows what interventions are appropriate for your child--and which are not
  • Lead your child's intervention and yourself toward a bright future

Who will benefit from the Parents As Partners Program?

We are dedicated to providing you with understandable education through our use-it-now Modules and Classes. Our "Ask Dr. Shelley" feature will answer your questions, based on your learning in each class and as your child changes. Our developmental, relationship-based and multi-disciplinary approaches are based on Dr. Shelley's recognized expertise across the multitude of areas that affect children with ASDs. Dr. Shelley has already changed the lives of families and their children who stayed the course to reach optimal outcomes--now it's your turn!

What do you have to do?

Just bring your love and willingness to roll up your sleeves! Let us help you to develop the right collaborative, relationship-focused, user-friendly intervention program that meets the unique needs of your child and your family!

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Of families have been provided with understandable education by our founder Dr. Shelley that inspired and empowered them to reach for a bright future for their child--and themselves!

Years of experience helping families by offering developmental and relationship-based, clinically-successful methods that have been demonstrated both personally, through research, and by families across the U.S. & worldwide.

Is the cost for you to access the education that will help you move your child’s development toward higher levels in every area--social, emotional, language & communication and academic learning.