You Are Your Child's Best Expert!!

At Parents As Partners, we fully recognize that a child's parents know their own children best!

  • Research has shown that the best results occur when parents take highly involved roles in their child’s ASD interventions.
  • Our goal is to inspire, empower, and equip you and everyone else who is involved in helping you to realize your child’s unlimited potential.

With this in mind, we provide our members with user-friendly education and the ways that families can create systems of support including:

  • Modules that are accessible and understandable, available 24 hours a day at no cost to you.
  • Each Module has many multi-media online Classes that include videos, podcasts and written materials, which are all downloadable.
  • The “Ask Dr. Shelley” feature found in every class enables our members to ask Dr. Shelley questions related to the subject of the Class, receiving answers from an expert who has been through similar experiences with her own family and families worldwide for over 25 years.
  • Coming soon: Our growing archives by class of the answers to your questions, expanding the learning of the Parents As Partners worldwide community through our Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram channels, newsletters, blogs.
  • Members of our Professional Advisory Board will be adding their voices and experience as we learn about the needs of our learning community.

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  • You only need to bring your love of your child . . . And your willingness to roll up your sleeves!



Of families have been provided with understandable education by our founder Dr. Shelley that inspired and empowered them to reach for a bright future for their child--and themselves!

Years of experience helping families by offering developmental and relationship-based, clinically-successful methods that have been demonstrated both personally, through research, and by families across the U.S. & worldwide.

Is the cost for you to access the education that will help you move your child’s development toward higher levels in every area--social, emotional, language & communication and academic learning.