What Does Parents As Partners Offer?

We are an online educational platform that helps parents create their own pathways, as they move towards a bright future for their child with an ASD. Our clinical and research based program is collaborative, developmental, relationship-focused and user-friendly. Understandable education creates parent empowerment- the cornerstone of endless possibilities for your unique child with an ASD. Here, you have free access to the foundational course that has helped so many families – just like yours!

Meet Dr. Shelley A. Stravitz

One of the reasons we know our program is successful is because our founder, Dr. Shelley A. Stravitz, has been in your shoes. After being told no hope existed for her child, she created an individualized intervention plan focusing on the causes of her child's severe autism. Her child lost all traces of the original diagnosis! She has since spent over 20 years developing a highly effective, nationwide consulting practice creating autism education, collaboration and support for parents, clinicians and educators to help children with autism reach for recovery.

Support Parents As Partners

Please give the gift of a bright future to children across the US and worldwide! Our goal is to empower parents to help their unique child achieve endless possibilities. To do this, we offer free access to a foundational course consisting of 42+ fully downloadable multimedia classes. As a 501(c)3 non-profit, we rely on the generous donations from people who care to create real change now! Help Parents as Partners evolve and expand. 100% of your contribution will go directly to help families and their children.